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2013 Catholic Calendar

Catholic Bible 101 is pleased to offer for sale the new 2013 Catholic Calendar. What you get with your download is a pdf file of 12  81/2" x 11" pages, each one with a different Catholic photo or artwork on it, for each of the 12 months of 2013. American holidays are included on the calendar.  And it's only $4.99.  Your purchase of this calendar is a GREAT way to start a conversation at work or at home about the Catholic Church.  And it's also a great reminder that no matter who is in charge of our country, Jesus is still the King of Kings.  And it will help keep Catholic Bible 101 on-line throughout the year as well.  Most of the information on Catholic Bible 101 is free, but the server that it is hosted on is not free!  Feel free to use credit card OR Paypal!



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