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Is evolution a fact, or just a theory?  Is the biblical account of Genesis true, or is it just a nice sounding fairy tale about the beginning of the world?


The answer is that evolution is a theory in search of facts to back it up. No one has seen a monkey turn into a man, or a fish grow legs and walk out of the ocean.   And if monkeys did evolve into men, then how come there are still monkeys? 



There have been several attempts at claiming that a fossil is the “missing link”, which the evolutionists claim “proves” that evolution is a fact and not a theory.  Then, they will say, since evolution is therefore proven, there is no God. Huh?  This giant leap of faith (?!?) by the evolutionists doesn’t make any sense. How can a fossilized fish millions of years old prove anything other than the fact that the fish existed?  How do they know that the fish wasn’t created like that in the first place by God? How do they know that the fish wasn’t a freak of genetics, and didn’t evolve at all?  The answer is that they don’t really know.


The problem with all of this is that if you falsely believe that there is no God, then there are no moral absolutes.  Then you get the Nazis rising to power to create a master race through the survival of the fittest, the Holocaust, and eugenics.  Gruesome experiments by Dr. Josef Mengele on the Jews in the prison camps were carried out on live people, because the Nazis didn’t consider the Jews to be created in the image and likeness of God, but more like an animal.  You also get Communism, which preaches that there is no God, and that man and the family belong to the state for its greater glory.  Approximately 100 million people died in the Twentieth Century alone because of atheistic Communism and their “no God exists” philosophy. 


Whenever one is discussing evolution, the question that needs to be asked is how did all of the ordered complexity of nature, of man, and of the universe just happen all on its own? Since evolutionists usually deny the existence of a master creator, why is there timing and order in the universe – 365 ¼ days every year, 24 hours in every day, the seasons changing at regular timed intervals every quarter, etc?  Any time the physics law of entropy (a measure of the disorder that exists in a system) is violated with timing and order, the question has to be asked why.  Matter usually seeks its most disordered state, like when you spill a glass of water.  Arbitrary big bangs don’t create timing and order and beauty of nature; they create chaos. Just look at a big bang caused by a terrorist bomb, or by the Krakatoa volcano, and you will see very little beauty, timing, and order anywhere.  The odds of the beautifully ordered universe we know and love happening all on its own through a big bang is approximately the same as a tornado going through a junk yard and assembling a 747 jumbo jet, all by itself.  A big bang caused by an intelligent Creator, on the other hand, could cause the beauty of nature, as well as timing and order.


And where do evolutionary scientists get off claiming to know anything about God or theology?  God exists outside of space, time, and matter, so how can scientists, who deal with space, time, and matter, claim to be able to say anything at all about the existence of God?  You can’t put God under a microscope, like a germ or bacteria.  Just because someone has a degree or two in science does not make him an expert on God, theology, or religion.  You will see many books today written by journalists and scientists who claim that there is no God and the Bible is full of errors, but they have no background in biblical scholarship.  Thinking people should always question the credentials and the hidden agenda of people claiming to be experts on anything, whether it’s global warming, the existence of God, or the origins of the universe.  Remember, there are a lot of people walking around today who want there to be no moral absolutes, so that they can do whatever they want to (decadence).  And they especially want the people who do believe in moral absolutes to shut up, because their consciences hate with a passion having to listen to them.  Godless evolution is one way that these people use to further their hidden agenda.


The Book of Genesis does not address the scientific aspects of creation. It does tell the true story of the creation of the earth by God, and that there really was an Adam and an Eve.  Whether this process of creation took place over millions of years or days, no one knows.  The bible says that the light was created on the first day, and the sun on the third day, so it’s hard to understand how a 24 hour day caused by the earth’s rotation and the sun could have occurred on the first day, since there was no sun yet.  The Catholic Church does not have an official position on the science of creation and evolution; it only says that God really did create Adam and Eve, the world, and the universe.  How he did it and how long it took are open questions that we will only find out after our death. Pope John Paul II addressed this here.


There are no conflicts between science and theology.  There are only misunderstandings.  Science is always evolving (?!?) its “facts”.  What science knew in the days of Newton and was accepted as fact for centuries was blown completely away by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.  The scientists would have us all believe that what science says today is the final word on the subject, because science is exact.  But that has never been true.  One year science will tell us coffee is bad for you, the next year they will say it’s not.  One year the scientists at the Food and Drug Administration will say this arthritis pill is OK to take, and the next year they will take it off of the market because it’s now dangerous to take. One year there are nine planets in the solar system; the next year Pluto is no longer a planet, and we are down to only 8 planets in the solar system.  The scientists would have us believe that the speed of light is a universal constant, about 186,000 miles per second. But is that true if light is approaching a black hole (a black hole sucks in everything, even light) 100 million light years away from earth?  No one really knows for sure, because the speed of light hasn't been measured everwhere in the never ending universe.  So don’t believe everything you hear from a “scientist” as being factual, just because a scientist said it. History has proven that the “facts” of science change over time.  There are no conflicts between the Creator and His creation – There are only conflicts in the small mind of man who can’t grasp the enormity of the mind of God.   


A great encyclical by Pope Leo XIII on science and the Bible is here.


An amusing story to tell your evolutionist friends, who believe that this amazing world we live in just happened all on its own:


"I walked into my room the other day, and there was this computer there. I don't know how it got there in the first place; it must have just appeared all on its own.  And the good thing is that, over time, it has improved itself, all on its own, to keep up with the changing environment of data and information.  When I first saw it, it was a Z-100 computer. Then, it became a Z-286, and then it changed, all on its own, to a 486 computer.  Now, it is a Pentium 4.  I fully expect that one day, all on its own, my desktop computer will morph into a laptop, because it "knows" that it must be mobile to survive in today's environment.  AND... The software brain that runs the machine has also evolved, all by itself.  It once was DOS 6.0 software, but that soon evolved into Windows 95, then Windows 98, then Windows ME, then Windows XP, and finally, it has morphed into Windows Vista.  And all of these changes came about with no master intelligence whatsoever..overseeing..the..process!"




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