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The Father Corapi Situation

Posted on July 1, 2011 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Father Corapi stunned a lot of us by announcing that he is no longer an active priest, and that he is leaving his order, the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, or SOLT.  A former female employee of his in Montana has accused him of numerous sexual escapades and drug use, but with no proof of anything, other than her word.

Whether it's true or not, it is very shocking to see such reputable Catholic Newspapers such as the National Catholic Register attack Father Corapi through their venomous bloggers.  One blogger attacked Father Corapi like he was the devil himself, because Father was being "passive aggressive" in his article, and because he chose to clear his name in the secular courts rather than wait for the seemingly unending SOLT process to continue. The SOLT investigation produced NOTHING after 3 months of so-called "investigation".  It's all well and good to attack Catholic priests, I guess, for these so-called "Catholic journalists", but I keep remembering the words of Jesus, who told the adulterous woman's accusers - "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

The huge double standard in the Catholic Church is that parishioners can be forgiven time and time again in the confessional by a priest, many times for the same sins. But a priest is put on admin leave for an undetermined amount of time for merely being accused of a sin.  I truly wish that these accusatory bloggers would just back off and give Fr. Corapi some slack. He's just a man and a sinner like the rest of us, and he doesn't need stone-throwing Pharisees from the National Catholic Register "Blogs" trying to slander him with their yellow journalism.

The truth will come out in time, and when it does, WE STILL DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO THROW ANY STONES AT ANYONE!

Mass Confusion

Posted on June 7, 2011 at 8:34 AM Comments comments (1)

One of my pet peeves about going to Mass today is all of the chattering and visiting that takes place before Mass. In the old days, everyone was quiet, and prayed before Mass. There was a lot of reverence for Jesus in the Tabernacle back then. Today, in some churches, it appears that the emphasis has been taken off reverence for Jesus and put squarely on fellowship. Now I am all for fellowship, bigtime, but not in the sanctuary. Fellowship should be after Mass, IMHO, in the foyer, outside of Church, or in the Parish Hall.  We should be "preparing to celebrate this sacred mystery", as the priest says at every Mass, even before we get to Church. If we're listening to the news, or stuffing ourselves with bacon and eggs right before Mass, I'm not sure we are properly preparing for this sacred ritual where heaven meets earth.

So please try to be super quiet before Mass so as not to disturb others who may be trying to pray. This can be difficult with kids, for sure, but it isn't very difficult to not go and gossip or chat with someone in the sanctuary before Mass. IMHO, the Bishops need to put the tabernacle back into the main sanctuary at all churches. This leads to a reverence that just isn't there if the tabernacle is hidden in a back chapel and is not front and center on the altar.  And may the priests please, please, please, start hearing confessions before all Masses, on Sundays as well as weekdays. The "call the rectory for an appointment" thing just isn't working.  Re-emphasizing the sacrament of confession and how it is so important to receive the Eucharist only in the state of grace would truly help the reverence in Mass, I think.  

And bring back the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament occasionally!  If it truly is Jesus, and it is, then let's all start acting like it!

There are rules to follow for salvation!

Posted on June 6, 2011 at 9:53 AM Comments comments (0)

Just about every good old boy out there realizes that there must be firm rules when it comes to basketball, football, baseball, hockey, boxing, and even driving. And these rules are formulated by a governing authority in charge of those things. But when it comes to salvation and heaven or hell, a lot of them think that we get to make up whatever rules we want to on our own...Well, guess again!  You will never get into heaven singing "I did it My Way".  The rules are there for us all to learn in the Bible and the Catechism.  Recommended reading is Matthew 25: 31-46 for starters....

We are Royalty in Thee Kingdom

Posted on June 2, 2011 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

As the antisemites and the antichrists of the world try to drive us away or make fun of us or even kill us, let's all remember that we win in the end, and these secular forces and false religions of the world will all lose. And our God who is the Lion of Judah, the Lamb of God, and The Good Shepherd, will have the lion lay down with the lamb when it's all over....And since He is Our Father and the King of Kings as well, we are all princes and princesses in the Kingdom that will last forever. So maybe we should all start acting like we are!

The Rules of the Church

Posted on May 30, 2011 at 3:14 PM Comments comments (0)

A lot of people get VERY upset whenever The Church comes out with a document that says its members either have to do something, or are forbidden from doing something.  It's almost like these people think - "Who is the Church to tell ME what to do?"  In the world today, most people want to do what they want to do and when they want to do it, and they detest it when the Church dares to speak out about their particular thing, whether its shacking up, abortion, using condoms, going to church on Holy Days, etc.  "After all, I'm me, and NO ONE is going to tell me what to do!"

This sounds a lot like satan, who, at the creation of the angels, rebelled from God's plan, and decided to go his own way, taking 1/3 of the angels with him to perdition.  His pride that "NO ONE is going to tell me what to do!" led him straight to hell.  

In life, we all have rules we must follow as civilized members of society. We have to obey the speed limits on the highways, we have to pay our taxes, we have to pay our bills, etc.  Imagine if everyone just said to hell with all of that, and just did their own thing. What kind of society would we have?  A very chaotic one, with more and more deaths caused from car wrecks, fewer taxes to support food stamps, etc.  So why is it when the Church proposes rules for our salvation in heaven that so many people get upset? 

Imagine if football had no rules, or baseball, or basketball!  No, all things in life have rules. The absolute worst thing that can happen to a man is to do whatever he wants to, whenever he wants to, because that usually leads to alcoholism, sexual addictions, gluttony, etc.  So please consider this the next time the Church says no to Freemasonry, no to artificial birth control, no to abortion, no to women priests, etc.  Jesus said in Luke 10:16 to the leaders of His Church (Matthew 16:18 ) - "He who hears you hears me, and he who rejects you rejects me, and he who rejects me rejects him who sent me."

Listening to atheists talk about God and Science

Posted on May 29, 2011 at 11:18 AM Comments comments (0)

There seems to have been a whole lot of books published from atheists who say that since science cannot prove the existence of God, then it logically follows that God must not exist.  Stephen Hawkings, noted scientist, just said that the universe created itself.  Well Hello Stephen - Please explain how nothing created something!  Does nothing create cars, or houses, or highways?  Did your computer and its operating system just create themselves, or was there a master intelligence that created them?  

We know that if we are walking on the beach and find a watch in the sand, that there must have been humans somewhere that left the watch on the beach. Similarly, if there is timing and order in the universe (24 hour days, 365.25 days in a year), then we know that this violates the law of entropy, which says that matter will seek its most disordered state (spilling a glass of water, for example).

What scientist would read a book about science written by a pope? NONE!  So why should any faith-filled person read a book on theology from a scientist who knows absolutely nothing about God?  That would be as dumb as reading a book on global warming written by a failed politician who made D's in science while in college!


Catholics walk by faith, not by sight, and we know that there is a God just from looking around - The water cycle, the human reproduction system, the love a mother feels for her child, the total interconnectedness of nature, etc., all prove that the world was intelligently designed. To say or think otherwise is JUST PLAIN STUPID!


The Devil's compensation

Posted on May 28, 2011 at 8:42 AM Comments comments (0)

There is a payback for sin, (what goes around, comes around) and the payback is worse than the original sin itself. The problem is that we don’t see sin as something tangible, which has a debt attached to it. It’s like a credit card that runs up a balance; the balance has to be paid back, with a LOT of interest, at some point. We humans can’t see it, but it is still there nonetheless. Sin is also like a boomerang – You throw it, and it feels great. Then, when you least expect it, it comes back full circle and hits you in the back of the head, harder than when you threw it. And the deadlier the sin, the deadlier the payback.  And that's only the payback on earth, which is God's way of letting you know what awaits us in hell if we don't repent now.  The Church has been given the sacrament of confession by Jesus Himself, in John 20:21ff, so the truly wise will take advantage of God's grace in that beautiful sacrament.  In physics, there is a law that says "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."  That is oh so true in life as well.

The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Eucharist

Posted on May 27, 2011 at 9:23 AM Comments comments (0)

The Eucharist is the Body and Blood and Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, and there have been many Eucharistic miracles (Google that term) that prove it. When Jesus said "This IS my body" at the Last Supper, he wasn't kidding. John 6 is pretty plain that we MUST eat his flesh and drink his blood to have eternal life.

The devil is a roaring lion who wants to consume us, according to Peter, for our damnation. Jesus on the other hand, is the Lion of Judah, who wants us to consume him for our salvation.

Just as Adam ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil for our damnation, we now have to eat the fruit of the tree of life (the cross) to have salvation.

Eve, an immaculately created virgin, said yes to the spirit lucifer and gave the world forbidden fruit and allowed sin to enter the world for our death. Years later, Mary, also an immaculately created virgin, said yes to the spirit Gabriel and and gave the world the Eucharist which allowed salvation to enter the world for eternal life.

Don't believe Mary is pure and holy from conception? Well, the Bible says that you shall know a tree by its fruit, and according to Elizabeth, "Blessed is the FRUIT of her womb". 

What is a Church?

Posted on May 26, 2011 at 8:47 AM Comments comments (0)

How many times have we all heard that "I don't go to Church anymore, because there are too many hypocrites there."  However, the history of the church from day 1 is that there have always been hypocrites in the church. Peter denied Jesus 3 times after seeing Him perform miracle after miracle.  Peter himself walked on water for a while at the behest of Jesus.  Thomas refused to believe that Jesus rose from the dead after the resurrection. Judas turned Jesus in to the Sanhedrin in an act of betrayal.  It's no different today, where people go to Church on Sunday to receive the Eucharist on the same tongue that they blasphemed God with and slandered others with during the previous week.

And of course there are those who stay away because of the church scandals in the priesthood, which has affected less than 4% of priests over 50 years (that means that over 96% of priests are clean as a whistle).  The so called "mainstream media" would have us all believe that those numbers are reversed.  

However, the real scandal in the church is not the low percentage of scandalous priests;  the real scandal in the church is in the pews, not on the altar.  The sins of parishioners that are confessed to the priest in the confessional week after week, if made public like the sins of the priests, would probably make the sins of the priests seem miniscule in comparison.

So to clear all of this up, I say that "The Church is not a museum for saints; rather, it's a hospital for sinners!"

The Unchanging Church

Posted on May 25, 2011 at 8:21 AM Comments comments (0)

The world needs a church  with outspoken priests who will warn us all that we're headed over a 5000 ft cliff at 1000 miles an hour, try to get us to stop, turn around, and then go the other way. What the world doesn't need is a church or a preacher who will make us feel good about ourselves as we're heading for the cliff and our eternal damnation.  It's either "the world" or Christ. Choose wisely!