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A Visit to the Blessed Sacrament

A visit to the Blessed Sacrament is something we all should do more often.  Catholics know that the consecrated host is really the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ, the same Jesus Christ that was born in Bethlehem and died for us in Jerusalem.  If the Pope were to come to our church, we would all be clamoring to get a seat to see him. But let the church offer Eucharistic Adoration on a regular basis, and hardly anyone shows up to adore Jesus Christ.  The following is a great guide for us all.






The following meditations and prayers are from:

My Daily Bread, A Summary of the Spiritual Life, by Anthony J. Paone, S.J.  1954, Confraternity of the Precious Blood, Brooklyn, NY


Jesus says to us:

My Child, if My true presence on the altar were limited to one place alone, many people from all parts of the world would try to visit that place at some time or other in their lives.  Yet, now that I have made it easy for all to come to Me, see how many visit Me only when they are obliged!

Many people are so cold toward me. Like children they are impressed only by what they can touch and see. I have given them their greatest treasure in the Blessed Sacrament.  Through My apostles and their successors, I have promised to be personally present wherever the Blessed Sacrament is.  Make EVERY effort to be deeply impressed by this greatest of all earthly gifts.

It is not enough for you to believe in My real presence upon the altar.  I placed Myself there for love of you.  I wanted to be near you in some visible way, so that you might visit Me as often as you wished.  You should wish it as often as possible.

People come to ME for different reasons. Some come only on Sundays and holy days, through a sense of obligation.  Either they do not want to lose Heaven, or they desire My help in their daily life.  Then there are those who come to Me through mere habit.  They act automatically, without any particular devotion to Me. There are, however, a certain number who come to Me for the best reason.  They come because they are glad to be near Me.  These people please Me best of all. They receive many extra graces which are not granted to the others.

Consider how devoted My saints were to Me.  They seized every opportunity to visit Me and stay with Me.  They desired to abandon all useless interests so that they might have more time with Me. In return for this generosity with Me, they received a clearer understanding of My boundless goodness and a deeper appreciation of My infinite love.

You, too, have the opportunity to give Me more of your time and attention.  Make a greater effort to come closer to Me in friendship.  You have the privilege of kneeling before Me like the simple, wonderful shepherds; the tired, admiring Magi; the suffering, begging leper; the penitent, hopeful Magdalene; the convinced, converted Thomas. How are you taking advantage of this privilege?

How much easier it will be for you to face Me in your judgment if you have loved to face Me often during your earthly life. Each visit to Me is an act of faith, of love, and of self-purification.  Come to Me often, so that I may shower more of My gifts upon your soul.


And we should think:

One who neglects Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament hurts himself/herself more than he/she realizes. By frequent visits I come closer to that wonderful union with God which He desires to grant me in my daily life. Each visit can bring me nearer to Him in true friendship.  I need no special formula, no particular prayers, no unusual requirements. All that I need is to present myself before Him, talking if I so wish, listening if I am so disposed, or simply staying with Him.  He is more interested in me than anyone else.  Though I may feel very dull, He is interested in my thoughts, my desires, my needs, hopes, ambitions, efforts, and labors.  My daily life is a matter of the highest importance to Him.   He is glad to see me come because each visit gives Him another excuse to grant me more blessings.  He is there for love of me.  I ought to visit Him often for love of Him.



My Jesus, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament, I have not shown You half the appreciation which I owe You.  Grant me the grace to grow in this appreciation.  You deserve far more attention than I have shown You. How often could I come to You with a slight effort or even inconvenience to myself!  Yet, I fail to do so.  I do not treat my human friends half so neglectfully as I treat You. This sacrament is a living proof of your love for me.  I hope to show my love for you by a greater devotion toward You from now on. You will see me more than just once a week.  As often as I am reasonably able, I shall visit You. I want to give You more of my attention, my time, my interest, and my life.  AMEN


Consecration Prayer to Our Lady of the Eucharist After Communion

Mary is called Our Lady of the Eucharist, because without her, there would be no physical Body of Jesus to be present in the Eucharist (John 6:51)

“Most kind Mother, we consecrate to you our bodies, which have just been honored and sanctified by the presence of your Divine Son;  our souls which have conversed with him, and our hearts which have loved him.

O dearest Mother, may the words which we have spoken be made acceptable to him through your intercession.  Tell him the things which we should have said but were unable to express.  Love him and beseech him for us, your poor children.

Receive and keep us in your heart.  Warn us, protect us and guide us during this day, that we may faithfully serve your divine Son, and please him in all our thoughts, desires and actions.  AMEN


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