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Catholic Life Quiz

Here is a little True or False quiz to see if you are living a Catholic life, or if you are living more of a secular life.  There are no right or wrong answers, only food for thought............





1.  Most days, I spend more time getting ready for work than I do praying.

2. I usually spend more on weekly entertainment than I give to the church on Sunday.

3.  I am more afraid of dying than I am of offending God with my sins.

4. On most days, I find time to watch TV, but not to say my Rosary.

5. I eat out during the week, but I never find the time to go to weekday Mass.

6.  When I pray, I usually ask God for favors, but never to praise Him or thank Him, from the bottom of my heart.

7.  I gossip about people I know more than I personally help the poor with my time, talent, and treasure.

8.  I know more about the current political situation than I do about God's plan for me in the Bible.

9.  I listen to talk radio more than I listen to Catholic Radio, Catholic CDs, and Catholic Tapes.

10.  I drive aggressively in traffic rather than being kind to other drivers who offend me.

11.  People at work do not know that I am a practicing Catholic.

12.  I have pictures of earthly things on the walls of my home, but none of Jesus or Mary.

13.  I complain a lot about my personal suffering, rather than offering it up to God for the poor souls in purgatory.

14.  I notice the faults of others, but I never try to overcome my own faults.

15.  I embellish stories to make them more interesting and fun, rather than only telling the truth about what happened.

16.  I do to people what they do to me, rather than being kind to them always.

17.  I am  always formulating a quick retort to someone else’s comments, rather than listening intently to what they have to say.

18.  Because I have an education, I tend to look down on other people who aren’t as educated as I am.

19.  I like to get drunk on the weekends, rather than spending quiet time with Jesus in the tabernacle at Church.

20.  I make elaborate plans to watch the game on Sunday with my buds, rather than going to Mass.

21.  I live every day without ever thinking that it could be my last day on earth.

22. I have never prayed for the poor souls in purgatory, and I have never had a Mass said for their relief.

23.  I spend a lot of time ogling the opposite sex on the internet, but I hardly ever go to a Catholic website.

24.  I don't associate pigging out at the all-you-can-eat buffet with the sin of gluttony.

25.  My personal opinion about religious beliefs is more important than what the Church teaches.

26.  I read all kinds of sci-fi novels and murder mysteries, but I have never read the book of Tobit nor the book of Judith in the Bible.

27.  I can name the starting lineup of my favorite team, but I can't list the 10 Commandments in their proper order.

28.  I know all about Elvis, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, but I don't know anything about the lives of St. Anthony, St. Padre Pio, or St. Therese.

29.  Watching half-naked gyrating cheerleaders on Sunday after Mass is no big deal.

30. I have a lot of thoughts about sex, but I never take the time to get rid of them by meditating on the Passion of Jesus Christ.

31.  I like to talk and gossip in Church before Mass, rather than studying the scripture readings in the missalette and praying.

32. I do not know what the spiritual and corporal works of mercy are.

33. I never realized that after Holy Communion, I am a living tabernacle like the Blessed Virgin Mary, because I also have Jesus inside me.

34.  I really hate it when someone asks me to volunteer time for a charitable organization. I prefer to take it easy.

35.  When people attack the Catholic Church, I don't say much to defend it.

36.  My Catholic faith consists of once a week on Sunday Mass, but hardly anything during the week.

37. I have never considered saying a novena to overcome a particular problem. 

38. Since God loves me infinitely, I can rely on the fact that He will save me in the end, no matter what.

39.  I consider love to be a good feeling, rather than a personal sacrifice for someone else's greater good.

40.  I have never prayed for priests or nuns to maintain their holiness.

41.  I trust in myself, my wealth, and my smarts more than I trust in God.

42. There is nothing wrong with cheating on my taxes.

43. I do not have any blessed objects in my house, and I never carry one around with me during the day.

44. When I pray, I only ask for stuff.  I never praise God, thank Him, or tell Him I'm sorry for my sins.





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