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Gender Confusion

In this 21st century, I have been very successful at implanting gender confusion in the minds of gullible humans. Biology, Schmiology! XX Chromosomes and XY chromosomes in humans, which formerly defined their gender, have now been replaced with personal preference. The men say, “I think I'm a girl, and therefore, I am one!” HIS book says that HE created them male and female, but that is no longer true in their minds, even among the “bible-alone” crowd, who now wants to be “with the times,” instead of true to HIS word. A lot of politicians and leftists see absolutely nothing wrong with strange men sharing women's restrooms with females. Only 20 years ago, this would have been unthinkable, but we demons have been working overtime to make this the new reality. Oppose this, the leftists say, and you are a sexist bigot! 

In these last days of my reign on earth (I fear the time is growing short), my goal is to drag as many humans to hell as I can. By confusing the basic Genesis 101 stuff, we demons are attacking the tree at its roots. And in addition to that, we have also stolen old Noah's rainbow from Genesis, and used it for the symbol of their movement. This has to infuriate HIM, going back to the foundation HE created with Adam and Eve. Once we become even more successful at eliminating HIS command to “be fruitful and multiply,” we can eliminate them all. And notice how we emphasize "PRIDE!" This is one of HIS deadly sins, but we have negated that and now made it into a wonderful statement about our debauchery!

Thanks to Planned Parenthood and other abortuaries, births of babies are now seen as evil, and must be curtailed in order to “save the planet.” No one cares about HIS command to be fruitful; they only care about money, leisure, big houses, and having fun. Having sex for fun, not for procreation is the new 21st century norm. The new vision is that too many kids not only spoil the planet, but they eliminate all of these pleasures in their personal lives. By getting them to think in terms of personal vanity and “saving the planet,” we instead get them to think about the here and now, instead of the hereafter. And that is just how we like it, because once we get them down here in hell, they are never, ever going to escape. Definitely a hot time in the old town tonight!

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