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Old Testament Name Quiz



Here is a quick little quiz to see if you know your Old Testament names. Good luck!

1._____________ was the Son of Jacob and Rachel; sold into slavery by his brothers.

2. _____________ was the initiator and architect of the Tower of Babel.

3. _____________ was the first husband of Bathsheeba, before King David had him killed.

4. _____________ was the second wife of Jacob, the mother of Joseph.

5. _____________ was the first wife of Jacob.

6._____________ had his name changed to Israel.

7._____________ was the father of Jesse.

8. _____________was the father of King David.

9. _____________ was the first King of Israel.

10. ____________ was the father of Ham, Japeth, and Shem.

11. ____________ was the rich Egyptian official who bought the slave Joseph.

12. ____________ was the prophet who told King David that his firstborn would die because of David's sin.

13. ____________ was the successor to Moses.

14. ____________ slayed General Holofernes and cut off his head.

15. ____________ was a reluctant prophet who preached repentance to the Ninevites.

16. ____________ was the mother of Samuel.

17. ____________ was the brother of Esau.

18. ____________ wrestled with an angel, who broke his hip.

19. ____________ was a man severely tested by satan through many trials and tribulations, and who later questioned God as to why.

20._____________ was the father of the 12 tribes of Israel.

21. ____________  was the son of Abraham and Sarah.

22. ____________ was the son of Abraham and Hagar.

23. ____________ could interpret the vision of King Nebuchadnezzar.

24. ____________ was rebuked by his talking donkey.

25. ____________ was the wife of Ahab who wanted to kill Elijah.

26. ____________ was the successor to Elijah, who had a double portion of his spirit.

27. ____________ was a prophet who foretold the first destruction of Jerusalem.

28. ____________ built the first temple in Jerusalem.

29. ____________ was the prophet who foretold of a suffering servant messiah.

30 _____________ was the primary author of the book of Psalms.

31. ____________ was the Jewish warrior who led the fight against King Antiochus to restore the Jewish Temple that had been defiled.

32. ____________ was a Jewish Priest known as the King of Salem.

33. ____________ was conjured up by the witch of Endor for King Saul.

34. ____________ was a Jewish wife who saved her people from Haman's plotting.

35. ____________ was King Solomon's Queen Mother.

36. ____________ was the son of Terah who left Ur at the command of God.

37. ____________ fashioned a golden calf in the furnace while Moses was away.

38. ____________ went to heaven in a flaming chariot without dying first.

39. ____________ also went to heaven without dying first.

40. ____________ was cured of leprosy by Elisha.

41. Answers below the picture (left click and highlight below the picture to see the hidden answers).

 Highlight here and below...

1. Joseph

2. Nimrod

3. Uriah the Hittite

4. Rachel

5. Leah

6. Jacob

7. Obed

8. Jesse

9. Saul

10. Noah

11. Potiphar

12. Nathan

13. Joshua

14. Judith

15. Jonan

16. Hannah

17. Jacob

18. Jacob

19. Job

20. Jacob

21. Isaac

22. Ishmael

23. Daniel

24. Balaam

25. Jezebel

26. Elisha

27. Jeremiah

28. Solomon

29. Isaiah

30. David

31. Judas Maccabees

32. Melchizidek

33. Samuel

34. Esther

35. Bathsheeba

36. Abraham

37. Aaron

38. Elijah

39. Enoch

40. Naaman the Syrian

 Thanks for taking the time to do the quiz. God bless you all....



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