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Servant And Serpent

In order to keep on-line (I'm a one man show!), I have decided to add some pages that will cost you some bucks!  But not big bucks. 

Please consider downloading "Servant and Serpent, The End Begins."  It's only $5.00 American, and it's my first novel.

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It’s the early 23nd Century.  An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bomb has gone off which has fried all of the electronics on the planet as well as a communication satellite in geosynchronous orbit in space.  Repairs are underway so that the last resistance to the officially atheistic United Socialist States of America (the USSA) can be eliminated.  The antichrist President of the USSA is after the mysterious Spaniard named Pedro. The last remaining known Christians have been driven to the West Texas Chihuahuan Desert.  Miracles, lunar missiles, strange visions, and biblical weather events all combine in this end-times fictional novel which sets the stage for satan’s final defeat.  


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 A sample from the novel.... 

He was thinking about the grand edict that Seaver had made after her inauguration, that science was now taking the place of religion in our lives, because facts trump superstition every time, as Seaver stated.  With the discovery of amniobolectra, the sub atomic particle that pre-determined the length of life for each individual, God was no longer a necessary crutch, she said.  This information was put on a microchip and was implanted in everyone’s hand, so that it could be seen everytime their hand was scanned to buy something.  The information was right next to the amount of money each individual was allotted by President Seaver and her “FAIRNESS IN PURCHASING” Committee.  The fisheaters and a few others would often refuse to have this chip implanted under their skin, preferring instead to live off of the Seaver grid.  Something about the mark of the beast, they always said.  Soon after that, the persecution of the Church began.  Priests and anyone caught attending Mass were denounced as “fisheaters” and were taken to retraining camps below the Denver skyport.  But what Seaver didn’t count on was the Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Bomb going off and knocking out all of the electronics in the entire country. Even the satellite tracking systems were affected, so that the fisheaters’ locations could not be made known to Electron Control in San Francisco.  It was a mystery who had set off the EMP device, but Seaver, of course, blamed the fisheaters for this, because she knew they didn’t want to be scanned or tracked.  But this was certainly no mystery to Father Pansanto, who told his small congregation that in Luke 10:18, Jesus said that he had seen satan fall like lightning from the sky. “Satan owns the power on this planet,” he often said.  “The Word of God in Ephesians 2:2 says that he is the prince of the air,” preached Father on many occasions, “and he has fouled the airways with so many pornographic TV signals from the TV satellites for so long, that it’s no surprise that he has now taken away all of our electronics that we became addicted to over the years. It’s what he does, after all. He gets us addicted to false idols like sex and money and electronics, and then pulls it all away from us, knowing that we will get depressed and commit suicide over the loss of all of our golden calf addictions.”

“Ita Missa Est, The Mass is Ended, Go in peace to Love and serve the Lord,” said Father Pansanto as he closed the Mass.   “Deo Gratias, Thanks Be to God,” replied the congregation.  “Anybody who needs to go to Confession, please see me outside behind the big rock, in about 10 minutes,” said Father.  “It is very important to cleanse our souls of the guilt of sin through this sacrament,” he said.  “Not only because it’s a mortal sin to receive the Eucharist while not in the state of grace, but this could be our last day on the planet, as there are rumors that Matacruz’s men are in the area.  And we all know what a cutthroat Matacruz was at Santa Fe.” 

Major Matacruz and his avenging atheists had ordered the surrender of about a thousand Catholics who were gathered for a Mass at Santa Fe.  Since they were all unarmed, they really had no choice.  After they were rounded up and placed in a makeshift pen, they all started to sing out “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name,” which drove Major Matacruz absolutely crazy.  “Kill them all without mercy!” he screamed out.  The Atom Brigade obeyed their commander, and executed every man, woman, and child without mercy. One 4 year old survived the initial assault, as he fell below his mother and was spared from the bullets, but when he cried out, he was immediately shot in the head.  Matacruz made General Sherman and his carnage in his Civil War “March to the Sea” look like a humanitarian in comparison.  He was an atheist’s atheist, and he felt it was his duty to eliminate the world of stupid people, not only because the gene pool would be improved, he thought, but also to save the planet from overpopulation. By eliminating the ever-breeding Catholics, he was “killing” two birds with one stone.  And he secretly figured that the more Catholics he could eliminate, the better his chances would be in getting a high position in President Seaver’s cabinet.

 Another sample from the novel....

"He was asked to make the ultimate sacrifice by Jesus Himself, in a vision a month ago, and he said “Yes Lord, do with me as you will. I came into this world with nothing, and I shall leave with nothing, save my faith in You and my good works done in Your Name.”  Pedro knew that his suffering would build up the Church, as Paul once said in Colossians 1:24.  And at 63, Pedro had seen everything he wanted to see in this world, and was ready for what Paul once said that “eye hasn’t seen, and ear hasn’t heard, what awaits the followers of Christ.”



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