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A spiritual reflection is a short saying that packs a huge meaning.  Here are some modern day spiritual reflections for your consideration...To learn how to combat really dumb secular arguments, go here.







"It is only when one stands in the valley between many mountains that he sees great things with awe and wonder. When one stands on top of the mountain, everything else appears small and insignificant, and the only way to go is down.

"Getting to heaven is not just a "me and Jesus thing." If you're going to the moon, you will need everyone at NASA helping you. And you will have to obey THEIR RULES.  If you're going to go to Europe from the USA, you will need the State Department and the people that run the airline or the ocean liner helping you. And you will have to obey THEIR RULES.

And if you're going to heaven, you will need the Church that Jesus Himself set up for us all, AND YOU WILL HAVE TO OBEY THEIR RULES..."

"If you don't think it's right to tell your sins to a priest so that he can heal your soul through his God-given (John 20:22-23) right of forgiveness in Christ's name, then please do not tell your aches and pains to a doctor either.

Instead, just go straight to God and ask Him to cure your body, because He's a much better healer than any man, and He's much cheaper as well. In fact, you can now drop your health insurance, because you won't need it anymore with God as your healer..."

"Try to think of the Holy Trinity in terms of notes on a guitar. A chord is usually made of of 3 notes, e.g., the C chord is made up of 3 individual notes - c, e, & g. But when strummed together, they make a totally different sound that is pleasing to the ear. The same goes with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost."

"During lent let's try to remember the Pharisees, and how zealous they were for the Law of God, even though they failed to recognize God in their midst. So many people today don't give a flip about the 10 commandments, and probably couldn't even name them in order if asked.

The Christian, though, can't just obey the 10 commandments and say that he or she is saved. You are not a great Christian if you don't commit murder and don't commit adultery and don't cuss. The Christian has to obey another law, the law given by the new Moses on the the Mount - Jesus' sermon on the mount.

If the 10 commandments are the "stop lights," the precepts from the Sermon on the Mount are the go lights. You never get anywhere in your car if all you do is stop at the stop lights, and never hit the gas pedal to go to your destination. The Christian has to be a peacemaker, has to be pure of heart, you have to be persecuted for righteousness' sake, you have to reviled and have evil spoken against you falsely for the sake of the name of Jesus, you have to be the salt of the earth - flavoring the humdrum everyday life of society and preserving life - and you have to let your light shine before men so that they can see your good works and give glory to God.

And while we all look down on the self-righteous pharisees, they never would have crucified Jesus if they knew who he really was. We, on the other hand, know who Jesus is, and we still nail Him to the cross with our sins.

"In nature, lower level living things are always assimilated into higher level living things -- Lower level nutrients in the soil are assimilated into higher level plants as they grow.  Lower level plants are assimilated into higher level animals as they eat them. Lower level animals are assimilated into higher level humans as they eat them. And lower level humans are assimilated into God as we consume the Eucharist and become one flesh and spirit with Him."

"In the world, there must be authority figures and organizations or there will be chaos. In baseball, there MUST be an authoritative umpire calling balls and strikes and outs/safe, or there will be chaos. On the highways, there MUST be an authoritative policeman stopping speeders and drunks or there will be chaos. In law, there MUST be authoritative judges making decisions for society, or there will be chaos.  So why is it when it come to our salvation so many people say that it's me and my bible, with no authority figure or organization? That leads to over 30,000 different denominations all claiming to have the truth, and all believing something different than the others.  1 Corinthians 1:10: I appeal to you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree and that there be no dissensions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment."

"Hell is full of people who once said "MY will be done;" Heaven is full of people who once said "THY will be done."

 "God did not make us for immorality in the flesh; rather, he made us for immortality in the spirit.  Notice how the "", or cross, changes immorality into immorality !

"The Communists took over in Europe thanks to an atheist workers' revolt in the streets of Russia in 1917. The Communists were thrown out of power in Europe thanks to a Catholic workers' revolt in the streets of Poland in 1989. God certainly is symmetrical."! 

The Three Wisemen followed the Star of Bethlehem to find Jesus....Today, the wisest among us who wish to find Jesus will also follow the true star of Bethlehem, Mary, who said yes to the spirit Gabriel to allow herself to become the Holy of Holies with God inside of her.

In the Old Testament the nation of Israel was always powerful and victorious when they had the 10 Commandments, aka the Word of God,  and the Ark of the Covenant, aka the 10 Commandments container,  in the front of the battle......In the New Testament and today, the new Israel, aka the Church, is always powerful and victorious when we have the Word of God made Flesh, aka the Eucharist, and the Virgin Mary, aka the Ark of the Covenant that once held the Word of God made Flesh for 9 months, at the forefront of our spiritual battles...

Today in the Unites States there are these really strange groups manifesting themselves as "The Freedom FROM Religion" Foundation, who go about DEMANDING that religious displays be removed from the public square.  In the US Constitution, there is no such right to be "free from religion."  Rather, there is the freedom to be free of religious persecution, which the so-called "Freedom FROM Religion" Foundations do on a regular basis.  The US Congress starts each session with a prayer...The 10 Commandments are on display in the United States Supreme Court Chamber....God is mentioned numerous times on the Jefferson Memorial...There has ALWAYS been religion in the official United States charter, beginning with the Declaration of Independence, which states that our rights as Americans come from OUR CREATOR (that would be GOD!), and which closes by saying that the United States of America relies on DIVINE PROVIDENCE (That would be GOD!).

"During the Mass, the priest does not resacrifice Jesus on the altar.  Rather, through time and space, the exact same sacrifice that occurred at the Last Supper is made present to us NOW.  This sacrifice cannot be repeated, because it never ends!"

"According to the Bible, Jesus is a high priest FOREVER (Hebrews 6:20).  A Priest is one who offers sacrifice for the people.  So that means the Eucharist is a real, ongoing sacrifice, not some kind of gooey feel good memorial with no other significance other than to remember.  Rather, Jesus IS continually offering Himself on every altar of every Catholic Church daily, for the forgiveness of OUR sins. Otherwise, he wouldn't be a priest forever!"

"When a Baptist asks you why you believe in purgatory when it isn't in the bible (it is, BTW), then please ask them why Baptists have altar calls but don't have an altar in their church (an altar is where sacrifices are offered to God, BTW)."

"Tolerance of evil is never a virtue; it is always a vice, no matter what the educated elites and the news media have to say about it."

"There is a lot to be said for being soft-hearted; there is nothing to be said for being soft-headed."

"To those who say that there is no God, it is indeed a fact that God Isreal!"

"The Catholic Church is NOT a museum for saints; rather, it is a hospital for sinners!"

"Just as Jesus Christ sanctified the sin-forgiving waters of baptism through his baptism, even though he had no need of being forgiven for sins himself, just so, Jesus Christ sanctified the womb by living there for 9 months, even though he could have appeared on earth without being born as a child.  And that is why the devil and his minions here on earth love abortion, because it desecrates the tabernacle where Jesus once lived, the womb."

"Only one man was allowed to enter into the holy of holies (where the Word of God was kept) once a year in the Old Testament, that being the Jewish High Priest.  Mary's womb is also the Holy of Holies, because it too contained the Word of God (made flesh), Jesus Christ.  And like that Jewish High priest, only one person was allowed to enter into her womb, namely, the Holy Spirit.  Similarly, only one man is allowed access to the womb of a wife, that being her husband.

"There is no constitutional right to "not be offended."  If there were, then every liberal in the world would have to shutup, forever."

"Putting junk food in your body ruins your physical health with what seems good going down. Likewise, putting junk in our brains, like pornography, ruins our spiritual health, with what seems good going down - Proverbs 16:25: There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.

"Sin is like a boomerang - It feels mighty good to throw it and experience pleasure, but when you least expect it, it will come back to hit you in the back of the head, with 1000 times more pain than the pleasure you initially experienced."

"Young lady - If that is not a baby inside of you, then you are NOT pregnant!"

"Feelings are great, but they are not as powerful as facts.  If you feel that you are in charge of the Pentagon, that is not as important as actually being in charge of the Pentagon. Facts trump feelings each and every time, no matter how you feel about it."

"The absolute worst thing that can happen to a man is to be able to do whatever he wants to do whenever he wants to do it, and to be surrounded by enablers.  Because 9 times out of 10 he will choose illicit sex, money, power, booze, drugs, or some other forbidden pleasure. Just ask Elvis, Howard Hughes, and Michael Jackson how that worked for them."

"Killing your baby through abortion does not absolve you from the sin of fornication; rather it only doubles down on your mortal sins, and makes you more like King Herod than Jesus."

"Satan will always show you a great time here on earth...for a while. He will allow you to experience great pleasure in committing your personal mortal sin over and over and over again.  But one day, when you least expect it, he will demand payment from you, which will be your immortal soul burning forever in hell.  As you live, so shall you die."

"Mortal sin does two basic things to you - It dims your intellect and weakens your will. By satan's design, these things happen to you as a result of committing mortal sin, so that you soon become addicted to it.  But being a stupid tower of jello is absolutely no way to go through life."

"Praying without fasting first is like trying to climb a tall ladder with your feet firmly chained to the floor."

"It is very true to say that Jesus came down to earth to die for the sins of humanity; but it is infinitely TRUER to say that Jesus came down from heaven to die for the sins of each one of us individually, because He  would have done so had we been the only person on earth."

"God told Moses that His name was "I AM WHO I AM."   Satan hides under his invisibility, so that he can better tempt us, and continually whispers in our ears, "I am who am not."

"The Truth is the Truth whether or not you think it should be the Truth.  The fact that you do not like the Truth does not negate the Truth; it only means you prefer a lie."

"Only dead bodies go with the current (society).  It takes live ones to swim against the flow of filth being dished out by Hollywood, the Media, Academia, Congress, Socialists, Scientists, and Madison Avenue.  And this river of polluted waste, like all rivers, empties into a larger body of water; in this case a lake, a lake of fire."

"Periodic pruning of fruit trees by man causes new growth, a stronger supporting structure, deeper roots, and abundantly more fruit in the spring and summer. Periodic pruning of humans by God does EXACTLY the same thing."

"Tolerance" in today's society is the crazy notion that one must accept every deviance there is as being normal, and every normal thing there is as being deviant."

"For those who say that there are no limits in life regarding our freedom, tell them to drive down the freeway 150 miles an hour with no seatbelt on, and to make an obscene gesture at the policeman when you pass him.  Then, come back and tell me the next day  that there are no limits in life."

"When those who believe in godless Darwinism ridicule you for believing that an invisible God made everything out of nothing, ask them to explain to you how nothing created everything all by itself. For extra credit, ask them to repeat this process in a laboratory."

"Freedom is NOT being able to do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it. If that were so, then I could take your car, I could rape you, & I could take all of your money and have a great time with it. Satan has only one commandment, and that is "do as thou will," because he knows that hell is full of people who said "MY will be done," and heaven is full of people who said "Thy will be done."  Freedom IS saying no to satan and yes to Jesus, always."

"Why is it that the exact same people who say that the Catholic Church didn't do enough to stop Hitler during WWII also say that because of the separation of church and state, the Catholic Church should not speak out on abortion and homosexuality?  WHICH IS IT?"

"If you put one rotten apple into a sack with 20 good apples, the one rotten one will always cause the other 20 to go bad. The 20 good apples never cause the one rotten one to become good. To save the 20 good apples, you have to remove the one bad apple, period."

"When there is a drought for a long time, the trees will send their roots deeper, looking for life-giving water.  As a result, the trees' roots not only are deeper, they are also stronger, since they have to go through very tough soil and rock to find the water.  When the rains finally do come, these deeper, stronger roots now provide the tree with more nourishment, due to their increased size and depth, which in-turn causes the tree to grow taller and larger much faster, thus providing more shade from the heat and more food for the animals. Then when the extra leaves fall in the autumn and decompose into the soil, more nutrients are provided for the tree's roots for next year.  Likewise, when we go through a personal drought, our roots also go deeper and deeper into the mystery of life, looking for God's life-giving grace. And as a result, when the tough times are over, our souls are also infinitely more mature with deeper roots and more capacity, and we then can provide more shade and nutrients for the less fortunate, and for ourselves as well."

"Why is it that the exact same people who say that "if only the Catholic Church would let its priests marry women, then they wouldn't molest altar boys" also say that it is impossible for a homosexual to become straight? WHICH IS IT?"

"We are all in the middle of the stormy ocean, surrounded by hungry sharks named lust, greed, gluttony, envy, anger, pride, and sloth. We have 3 choices and only 3 choices - First, we can let these sharks devour us and then we go to hell for sure. Second, we can choose to fight these sharks on our own, in our tiny, leaky, personal rowboat, by being a "good person," and then we take our slim chances on eternal salvation. Third, we leave our tiny leaky rowboat and get into the huge battleship known as The Catholic Church that Jesus Christ founded, and we fight these sharks using His battleship weapons of the sacraments, scripture meditation, grace, faith, prayer, good works, humility, charity, and the other virtues, and then and only then are are assured of going home to heaven."

"I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head," from Gen. 3:15.  "Since the devil is the head of original sin, this head it was that Mary crushed: for sin never had any entry into the soul of this Blessed Virgin, which was consequently free from all stain.” --Saint Augustine







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