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The Conventional Wisdom

How many times have we all been in conversations with someone, when, out of the blue, a blanket statement is made that is supposed to show us all:

1. The moral superiority of the person saying it

2. The supreme knowledge of the person saying it

3. That the conversation is now over, because they've "got us".




The purpose of this webpage is to provide you with some ammo to fire back at the clueless people who keep repeating these lies cleverly disguised as "conventional wisdom". While the following list is not a complete list, it does have most of the popular ones.


I'm smart because I think for myself.  Christians are stupid because they blindly believe the Bible.

Thinking for oneself isn't necessarily a virtue.  Hiter, Stalin, Napolean, Caesar, etc., all thought for themselves, and they aren't remembered as being great men.  On the other hand, Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa both "blindly followed" the Bible and look at how they changed the world for good.  Every doctor who is in medical school "blindly follows" what his textbook teaches, and that doesn't make him stupid.

You are full of hate because you disagree with me.

Really?  Disagreement = hate?  If I don't like your position on politics, homosexuality, religion, etc., then that means I hate you?  That must mean that Jesus hated everyone he disagreed with, and that means that you hate me too.  This is a really dumb argument just waiting to be punctured.

Pro life people don’t care about kids once they're born.

Well, there were millions of adoptions that took place this year, and every year.  Most of the couples adopting couldn't have kids of their own.  Adoptive couples spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their kids over their lifetimes.

You can’t legislate morality.

All laws usually are morality based.  There are laws against murder, rape, stealing, etc., that are all based on morality.

It’s a free country and I can do what I want.

OK, then I will now steal your car, punch you in the stomach, and take your wallet.  After all, it's a free country, and I can do whatever I want to.

You can’t impose your morality on me.

Morality is not a neutral sum game. Either the hedonists will impose their morality on society (see ancient Rome, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia), or the Christians will.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  Either God the Father will control the country or the devil will.  Choose wisely.

The bible says that you can't judge me on anything.

Judging you means that I condemn you to hell for your actions. Only God can do that - I cannot. However, I can judge your actions, just like John the Baptist judged Herod for marrying his brother's wife, and Jesus judged the actions of the woman caught in adultery as being sinful.  If there is no judging allowed, every courtroom in the world would have to be shut down.

What's true for you isn’t true for me.

While there is some truth to this (women and men are different, military people are different from civilians, Americans are different from Germans), the universal moral and salvific truths of the Holy Bible are revealed to us all by God our Loving Father Himself, and are indeed true for everyone.

Government has no say over my body.

Really?  The government has the power to send your body off to war, to lock it up for life behind bars, to condemn it to death, to prevent illegal drugs from going into it, and to stop it from practicing prostitution.

More people have been killed in the name of religion than for any other reason.

Atheistic Communism killed around 100 million people during the 20th Century alone.  The occultic 3rd Reich started a war that resulted in around 50 million people being killed in only 6 years. The early Christians were fed to the lions by the millions by the emperors of Rome who claimed divinity for themselves.  Most other wars are started over territorial issues, not by religious differences, although there have been some of those. Those wars, however, do not add up to the amount of carnage and the number of people killed by Communism alone in the 20th century.

You need to be tolerant of everything.

Being tolerant of evil is not a virtue, it's a vice.  We shouldn't be tolerant of rape, murder, lying, stealing, etc. There is a lot to be said for being soft-hearted. There is nothing to be said for being soft-headed.

That offends me. Therefore, you have to be quiet.

The fact that you are offended by what I say or think offends me. Therefore, you must be quiet.

As long as my actions don’t affect anyone else, then I can do anything I want.

Every action affects someone or something. Abortion kills off your child, and any future children that child may have. Speeding may cause your death as well as others.  Fornication and all sinful nature give the devil a foothold on your life, and will make you less loving and kind to others in the future.  And if you get VD from fornication, then that costs the health system both dollars and time.



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