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The Plague of Paganism

Paganism is sweeping the planet, and is taking the place of Christianity in a lot of countries.  Whether it’s called the enlightenment, atheism, communism, free-thinking, Wicca, or whatever, modern paganism is a philosophy that replaces a belief in the Almighty with a belief in the greatness of man, or the power of sorcery.  Human philosophy and “what feels right” now replaces the good news of the gospel.  The proud charismatic articulators of all of this mind-candy espouse their own personal opinions of how they see the world, and then they pass it off as fact. 


In the old days, these people were known as sophists – people who talked a lot and sounded great, but who never really said anything concrete.  This kind of thinking is like reversing the batteries in a flashlight; that is, making the positive end the negative end, which results in no light coming out.  The dark results of all of this are plain to see in today’s world. The pagans among us are all worried about saving mother earth from this, that, and the other.  They fail to realize that the earth was destroyed by God the first time (the great flood) because the people turned away from God, and toward sin.  The world will come to an end the second time for the exact same reason - the turning away from God (paganism) and toward sin.  The very thing the pagans don't want to happen, they will actually cause!!

Just look at what godless communism and atheism did to the people in the Soviet Union and Cuba. Thousands of people died trying to escape those lands, and millions more were executed by their own leaders in those countries.  Many more were imprisoned and put on drugs in psychiatric wards for not going along with communism. Churches were destroyed and turned into warehouses and museums. The populace turned to drinking vodka by the barrel to cope with this way of life.  Needless wars in foreign countries were started, so that this horrible way of life could be exported to the dumb masses.

Wicca is nothing more than modern day witchcraft.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church, which does not warn against things that are not real, has this to say about the occult:

2117 - All practices of magic or sorcery, by which one attempts to tame occult powers, so as to place them at one's service and have a supernatural power over others - even if this were for the sake of restoring their health - are gravely contrary to the virtue of religion. These practices are even more to be condemned when accompanied by the intention of harming someone, or when they have recourse to the intervention of demons. Wearing charms is also reprehensible. Spiritism often implies divination or magical practices; the Church for her part warns the faithful against it. Recourse to so-called traditional cures does not justify either the invocation of evil powers or the exploitation of another's credulity.

Ancient paganism has 4 major beliefs which are as follows:

  1. Unlimited sex
  2. Human sacrifice
  3. Worship of nature 
  4. Potions

The modern world has embraced these 4 tenets of paganism big time. We now have in a lot of countries an acceptance of pornography as being normal, right, and good. This has led to a casual attitude of unlimited recreational sex.  We also have abortion and euthanasia in a lot of countries, which is human sacrifice by the millions.  And there is certainly a trend now to treat nature and the planet with a lot more respect (some might say worship) than God. And while "potions" may seem an outdated word for the 21rst century, the word "drugs" is not.  How many people have ruined their lives and others' by consuming strange substances that either altered their mind or altered their body?

This belief system is one that is being embraced by millions the world over.  And does any sane person believe that the world today is better off?  The insane leaders of North Korea and Iran now have long range missiles and nuclear weapons. Radical Islam wants to destroy Israel and America.  Abortion is killing millions of future scientists, world leaders, and problem solvers.  So-called “homosexual marriage” is being accepted the world over, along with the ghoulish embryonic stem cell research.    No, it is a VERY dark world we live in, where evil is seen as good, and good is seen as evil (Isaiah 5:20).  Satan’s words to Adam and Eve that they will be able to distinguish right from wrong like God (Genesis 3:5) are now being proven to be yet another of his lies, because good people who listen to false prophets today cannot distinguish between right and wrong, and more often than not, choose the wrong.

The so-called “enlightenment” was a period in Europe which started the French Revolution. While science can be a good thing (science almost blew up the planet during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962), the result of the French Revolution (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity) resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Catholics (not so much liberty, equality, and fraternity for them!).  Why?  Because they refused to knuckle under the hammer of Robespierre and other “enlightened” French leaders who hated Jesus Christ and His church.  The effects of “the enlightenment” are still being felt today. Every time you hear someone badmouth The Church that Jesus Christ started as being out of date with the times, for not having women priests, for not embracing homosexuality as being wonderful, as well as touting science as being the solution to all of our problems, think “the enlightenment”.  In reality, “the enlightenment” was really the dark ages, because it was the beginning of the replacement of faith in Jesus Christ with the mind of man. 

The French Revolution, however, was a walk in the park concerning the destruction of Christians.  Over one hundred years later, Lenin and Stalin in Russia took this enlightenment to the next level, not only destroying Christians and churches, but trying to erase all religion in their countries as well as a lot of neighboring countries.  And what’s next?  God help us all.


Cutting off Communication with Superiors


In the year 2050 AD, man formed a permanent colony on the moon.  Hundreds of men and women worked in the colony, which was protected from the ravages of space with a clear lead lined bullet proof glass dome.  Thanks to the constant sunlight, the edible plants inside the colony provided all of the food they needed, and emitted tons of oxygen for the colonizers to breathe.  Fuel cells provided energy and all of the water ever needed. 

After 10 years, a charismatic leader of the colonists decided that they no longer needed any spoon-fed instructions from those arrogant know-it-alls in Mission Control.  “No one is going to tell me what do”, said he.  A lot of fellow colonists really liked him, because he was so good looking and could speak really well.  They didn’t buy his philosophy at first, but after a while, thanks to his smooth words, charm, and speaking style, they were convinced that communication with the distant creator of the lunar colony was not only unnecessary, but was an insult to their free-thinking.  “Who is Mission Control to tell us what to do?” was the catch phrase of the day.  “They aren’t here, and we are, so what do they know?”

The leader decided that it was time to take over completely. The feeling of power he got whenever he thought of taking over the lives of everyone in the colony was overpowering to him, especially since he realized that his new subjects very much wanted him to.  "I will be like a god", he thought.  "After all, the people in this colony are dumb and need to be led by a wonderful guy like me", he mused.  He and his followers went to the communications room and proceeded to destroy the radio and the antenna.  Anybody who disagreed with this was summarily ejected from the glass dome without a space suit. The leader smoothly explained away all of these murders by saying that there were too many people in the colony anyway, and with fewer people, there would be more air, food, and water for everyone else.  Some of them were old, held traditional beliefs in what was moral,  and were non-productive anyway.  His willing subjects eagerly bought into this "fewer-is-better" philosophy.

Mission Control was confused as to why they could no longer communicate with the colony.  They had just gotten word that a gigantic meteor was about to hit the moon near the colony.  The scientists there had calculated that it would land at or near the colony in about a week, and they were trying to warn the colonists to evacuate to the backup shelter-in-place site some 100 miles away.  They tried over and over again, without success, to warn the colony of the impending doom that was coming their way, but to no avail. At the colony, the colonists were having a grand old time, having orgies, eating to excess, and playing moon-golf.  A week later, the whole colony was wiped out by the meteor.

And what is the moral of this story?  It’s really not too bright to be a proud free-thinker and to cut off communications (Prayer, the Bible, and the Sacraments) with a vastly superior intelligence (God) who is looking out for your best interests all of the time and who is trying to warn you of impending doom.  It's also less than brilliant to blindly follow a charismatic smooth-tongued pied piper who hates the authority of someone who put him there in the first place.


10 years after the meteor strike, a lunar mission to find out what happened landed on the moon.  The lunar astronauts found the colony's log book, which explained everything.  When the events of that log were read back on earth to the investigative committee, they ruled that since the leaders of the lunar colony were evil, then that proves that lunar colonies are evil, and should be done away with permanently. 

And what is the moral of the epilogue?  That evil leaders (Judas, priests who molest altar boys) of a great organization (the Catholic Church) do not automatically mean that the organization itself is evil.






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